5 Places to Find Quality Content to Share on Social Media

I’ve felt the exact same way that you’re feeling right now.

You’re under pressure to find the perfect content, that will get your audience engaged and coming back for more.

It’s tough trying to figure out where to look. That’s why in today’s blog, I’m going to quickly run through 11 different places I use to find quality content, to share on social media, for myself and for my clients.

1. Influencers In Your Industry

This is the most important please I believe you should be using. You need to have a list of experts in your industry, who are out there creating content that is valuable to your audience.

In this day and age, there is likely to be a page or person sharing great content, that your audience would find valuable. Seek them out.

It’s really as easy as Googling “Influencers in the [insert industry type] industry.”

Start creating your list. Follow them on social media, or wherever they’re sharing their great content, and start sharing it to your page!

2. Feedly

One tool that I’m loving at the moment is Feedly. Feedly allows you to create boards around a specific industry or topic, follow blogs in that niche, and have a consistent stream of content to share.

This has been incredibly helpful for me, while running different pages too. I’ve been able to create specific boards for each business page I’m running and receive related content for that particular industry.

The bonus is that Feedly is available on desktop and on mobile. Plus, they make it incredibly easy to share across platforms.

3. Quuu

Another great content curation tool is Quuu. Quuu is a great tool that provides you with suggested content, based on whichever industry you’re in.

It’s sometimes unbelievable how specific some of the content suggested for you can be. Another cool feature is their massive content library, which you can browse through.

Although Quuu is a paid tool, it starts from as little as $15 per month. They also have a free trial, which you can also check out.

4. BuzzSumo

This absolute gem is fantastic, for not only finding popular content, but for coming up with ideas for your own popular content.

BuzzSumo is a tool that allows you to source the most popular types of content online, based on your search terms. Say I wanted to look for the most popular articles on real estate investing… BuzzSumo provides you with a list.

Although they have a tonne of extra features on the paid version, the free version still does a great job and should be added to your marketing toolbelt today.

5. Google Alerts

Often overlooked, Google Alerts can be a handy little tool to use, and it only takes a few minutes to check each day.

Google Alerts allows you to set up a notification, whenever there is a mention of a specific keyword online. This can be handy for tracking mentions of your brand, but it’s also great for finding content based on specific keyword terms.

Say you wanted to follow the keyword “Australian Wines.” Now you can set that alert to remind you daily, weekly, etc – and receive content straight to your email that has mentions of that keyword. Easy!

Final Thoughts

This is only the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to finding great content. Hopefully it points you in the right direction and helps you build out some strategies to use for your own business.

Feel free to reach out to me personally, if you have any questions or suggestions about content curation and finding quality content to post.