Facebook Advertising in Cairns, Queensland

Today we’ll quickly run through one of Manexo Media’s specialised services – Facebook Advertising, in Cairns and other surrounding regions.

Social media marketing has really evolved over the past decade. New platforms have risen and fallen, and the ability to target customers online has become even more detailed.

What is Facebook Advertising?

Like other forms of advertising you might see, such as television ads or newspaper ads, you are paying to have your “content” in front of a specific audience.

The same rule applies here. Facebook has built up an audience of over 2 billion monthly users, since its inception, and now they have engaged users that brands are willing to pay to be in front of.

How Does Facebook Advertising Differ From Traditional Advertising?

There are a few key differences that you’ll notice, if you’re looking to use Facebook Advertising in Cairns or your own city.

The first is the extremely detailed targeting options of the Facebook Ads Manager.

Imagine being a vet and having the ability to only show your ads to people who liked cats or dogs?

What if you are a brewery and can send your ad specifically to people who are over 18, interested in beer and in your city.

Facebook Advertising allows you to zero in on the most detailed target audiences and run ads to those people.

Unlike traditional advertising where you have a general idea of who you’re reaching, in a certain magazine or TV channel, Facebook Advertising allows you to go super in-depth with your targeting.

What Are Some Other Cool Features?

Some other great features we mention to our clients interested in Facebook Advertising are:

Split Tests
With Facebook Advertising you have the ability to run multiple ads at a time, to test and experiment on which ad provides you with the best results.

Insights & Analytics
Once again, Facebook provides a range of detailed analytics to measure how each campaign and ad set is performing. This can help you build better ads moving forward.

Imagine only running ads to people who had shown interest in your business, such as visiting your website. You have this power! Retargeting allows you to run specific ads to audiences of people who have taken a specific action, making it more likely that they’ll convert.

Lookalike Audiences
How about targeting people out there who have the same traits as previous customers of yours. We can do this for you, helping you increase your customer base and increasing your revenue.

Looking For Specialised Facebook Advertising? Let’s Get In Touch.

If you’re looking for help with Facebook Advertising, in Cairns or even your own city, we provide a range of packages to help you build campaigns that convert.

We will help your business set up the right campaign, targeting your ideal audience, to deliver the best leads to your business.

Connect with Manexo Media today, if you’re serious about increasing your business’ revenue through Facebook Advertising.