Frequently Asked Questions

Social Media FAQ’s

What social media platforms should my business be on?

That really comes down to wherever your target audience is on. Think about it. The whole purpose of marketing is conveying your message to the right people and the only way to do this is by using channels where your target audience will actually see or hear it.

If you were a business selling outdoor furniture, would you rather run a TV ad on the home & design channel or a kids channel?

The same rule applies here. Figure out where you target audience is hanging out online, what platforms they’re commonly using, and what messages they’re receptive to. This will save you a tonne of time and effort trying to be everywhere at once.

How do I know what platforms my target audience are using?

Great question, and luckily for us as business owners and marketers we don’t need to go find out for ourselves. In today’s day and age there are a tonne of people out there compiling this sort of data to make our lives easier.

Check out some of the links below to see the different demographic statistics of each platform. Obviously, you need to know who your target audience is first – so make sure you have that done first!

Should I manage my own social media or outsource it to someone else?

Truthfully, you need to ask yourself whether you have the time/resources to do it yourself. Anyone is capable of running their own social media. However, the big benefit of outsourcing to an agency like Manexo Media is that you gain our expertise, experience and time, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Then there are also the costs of hiring an agency. If it’s out of your budget, then don’t ever feel forced to sign up with an agency or spend money you don’t have.

There are a tonne of strategies, tools and tactics out there to help you with managing your own social media. In fact, we’re happy to say that a good portion of the content on here at Manexo Media is geared towards helping people in that boat.

Our biggest tips though? Make sure you’re using things like social media calendars, topic maps and scheduling tools to cut your management time in half. It can be tough, but like anything, you can manage it with the right parts working together.

When the time comes where you do want to hand it over to an agency or outsourcing it, make sure you’re ready. Working with an agency can be incredibly beneficial when you reach that stage because you’re tapping into their combined knowledge, experience and skills – allowing you to focus on running your business.

Paid Traffic FAQ’s

What is paid online advertising / paid traffic?

We all want people visiting our website, learning about our business and buying our products or services. But how do we get people to visit our website?

It isn’t as easy as just creating a website and sitting back and waiting. You need to take an active approach to direct traffic towards your website to see the results you want. There are a tonne of methods to do this organically. You can look into Social Media Marketing & Search Engine Optimisation for that. However, these approaches can require a long-term approach.

Paid Online Advertising allows us to pay money to purchase the traffic we want… today.

Paid Traffic strategies simply involve creating a campaign on an advertising platform (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc.) and the paying to send traffic to the site we want.

Although we wish it was as simple as turning on the tap and getting traffic, it can take a lot of time, patience, testing and optimising to run cost-effective campaigns. 

What forms of paid online advertising do you offer?

Paid Online Advertising Services We Offer

  • Facebook Advertising
  • Google Ads
  • Instagram Advertising

What is “retargeting” and “remarketing”?

Imagine being able to place your ads infront of the eyes of ONLY the people who have shown interested in your business. For instances, let’s say we could place a specific ad infront of the eyes of people who have only visited your website. Sounds good right?

That’s the power of retargeting and remarketing.

They say that it takes on average 10 different interactions with your brand before a customer buys. Imagine all those people you might be losing if they’re just hunting around for the best deal.

When we help your business run these retargeting/remarketing campaigns – we’re helping keep your brand as the #1 choice in your customers minds because we are targeting the people most likely to purchase.

Click here to find out how we can help your business with retargeting/remarketing campagins.


What are 3 quick things I can work on to improve my search engine ranking?

Are you a local business? Make sure you’ve checked off that you:

  1. Have a Google My Business account set up, and optimised. It isn’t enough to just verify it. Take the time to fill out the profile with information. Click here if you haven’t set up your account. 
  2. Go through and register with a handful of online directories online to create backlinks to your website.
  3. Make sure the Title of each of your website pages, as well as the meta-description for each page, is optimised with relevant keywords that reflect your business.