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Frequently Asked Questions

Lead generation and paid traffic is a dynamic area, and our services vary based on the size and requirements of our clients.

Typically, we charge a monthly retainer fee for our services that ranges from $5,000 to $1,000 per month. This accounts for the strategy, design, implementation and testing of our Lead Generation Framework for your business.

Our team works towards generating consistent leads for your business within 90 days. This process includes the strategy, creation, and testing of your campaign to find the highest converting ads.

The 90 day benchmark begins from the moment you become a client. We start working on crafting a specific strategy for your business immediately, and aim for our first strategy meeting within the first week.

Our gurantee is that we will work tirelessly to achieve the target KPI’s for your campaign. Otherwise, your company will not be charged for our services.

Although we can’t promise that every company will achieve exceptional results, we can guarantee that you will only pay for a campaign that generates you a positive ROI.

Our Lead Generation Framework involves a 90 day plan that takes your business from having minimal digital marketing presence, to developing a predictible lead generation system. 

This service includes the development and management of a set of paid traffic campaigns. Each is designed to target your ideal customers are different stages of their buying journey. This includes the customer research, creative design, and copywriting for each ad.

Additionally, this service includes the