Targeted Facebook Advertising

We’ll help you increase traffic, leads and sales by creating highly engaging Facebook ads that speak to your target audience and convert.

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Engaging YouTube Advertising

We’ll help you captivate your target audience and stand apart from your competition by using the power of YouTube Advertising.

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Influential Instagram Advertising

We’ll help you share the story of your brand and focus on connecting you with the right people who will love your products & services.

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Why invest in social media advertising? Firstly, it’s highly targeted. There are a number of tiny factors and traits we can use to reach the exact group of people who will love what you have to offer. Secondly, it works faster. Unlike other digital marketing methods, the right campaign can be set up, tested and adjusted continuously to see a faster ROI.

Are you looking for…

Increased leads and sales for your business?

Greater brand awareness & engagement with your target audience?

Increased traffic to your website or physical location?

…then paid social could be for you.


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  • I need more traffic to my website
  • I need more traffic to my website
  • I need more leads for my business
  • I want to increase my brand awareness
  • I'm looking to learn how to correctly market my business
  • I want to convert more leads into customers
  • Other? Tell us below

And it's not just the strategies. We're also...


We work with you to determine what success looks like for your company, and then relentlessly work towards helping you
achieve that.


When we sit down and decide to work with your business it's because we believe in what you do. We're passionate about digital marketing and helping great businesses succeed online.


Unlike agencies that set themselves up as your saviour, we believe in being advisors to your company. We're here to support you and solve your online marketing frustrations.

We pride ourselves on solving your biggest problems...

  • Not enough leads or potential customers buying from you.​
  • Not enough time to implement the right strategies yourself.​
  • Unsure of the correct strategies to be using.​

We've even got a straight-forward process to help you...


Discovery Call to Determine Business Relationship Fit


Proposal meeting, Strategy Session & Oboarding Process


Setup, Optimisation & Campaign Launch


Ongoing Split Testing & Reporting On Results

...and we're trusted by our clients.

5 Stars

Giovanna Mazzella
from The Green Room

Brody was extremely helpful and knowledgeable in helping me improve my websites SEO and developing my social media presence for my new business. I highly recommend his service to anyone that needs help in this area! Thanks Brody!

5 Stars

Andrew Graham from
Paradiso Cairns

We can’t recommend Manexo Media enough. Brody is thorough and passionate with his work and helping businesses grow. He helped us tweak our social media strategy and improve our paid campaigns to really maximise our reach and which has increased our ROI.

5 Stars

Cherie Gade
from S.O.D.

I highly recommend Brody/Manexo Media to anyone who is needing any help regarding digital marketing for their businesses. Brody offered extensive support, training and advertisement and took the time to understand my business to market it appropriately.

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In this call we’re going to:

  1. Analyse Where You Currently Are
  2. Understand Where You Aim To Go
  3. Propose Our Strategy On How We Plan To Get You There