As a marketing consultant, my purpose is to provide you with the direction, structure, and strategy to reaching your customers and growing your business.

I haven’t always understood the principles behind marketing a business. I remember writing my first marketing strategy four and half years ago, and feeling so unsure about any of the tactics or strategies I was writing.

Since then, I’ve devoted a great deal of time and money learning, testing, and perfecting my understanding about marketing.

I’ve been the digital marketing manager for Y(E)P Entrepreneurship Facilitators for two years now. In that time I’ve completed my Bachelors in Marketing & Economics, all while using my spare time learning and using digital marketing strategies to grow my own side-projects.

Additionally, I’ve worked as a digital marketing mentor for the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme helping new business owners implement the right fundamentals for starting online.

Finally, I’ve worked with over 57 business owners and entrepreneurs through my business Manexo Media, helping to empower them to market their business correctly.