About Manexo.

Our mission is to help businesses create a greater impact in the world. We make this happen by helping companies navigate the digital world, and connect with the people who matter most to them.

We’re focused on amplifying the ideas and messages of our clients, so they can scale and help solve the burning problems their own customers face each day. 

Our goal is to be the best return on a client's investment.

Every dollar counts! Our goal is to maximise your ROI, by crafting strategic campaigns, targeting your ideal customers, and strengthening your brand online.

We understand the frustration of being left in the dark, which is why we guide you along your digital journey, and share exactly where each dollar is being spent.

My mission is to help business owners take charge of their growth.

My marketing journey began  in 2015, pursuing a degree in Marketing & Economics in my hometown of Cairns. Back then I’d spend my free time learning how to build online businesses and spent hours learning and testing.

However, 2018 was the defining point where I started Manexo Media, to help more business owners reach their dream customers through online marketing.

Now every day my team and I get to spark the fire in entrepreneurs around Australia & beyond, to level-up their marketing and create a real difference among their customers.

Brody Oxenham

Founder & Digital Marketing Specialist

You + Manexo Media = Stronger Brand More Leads Success Online

We're a small team, driven with the desire to constantly learn and experiment.

Our speciality is creating engaging and profitable digital marketing for businesses.

This is reliant upon the latest digital trends and traditional marketing.

In addition, we produce meaningful results, using strategy and creativity, to connect with people just like you.