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Ever write an amazing post on Facebook or send through a well thought out email, only to get a tiny response from your audience?

Something that I notice a fair amount of business owners do when they’re new to marketing themselves online, is that they don’t include calls to action (or CTA’s)

If you haven’t heard of the team call to action or CTA then let me break it down.

It’s simply when you give your audience an instruction to take immediate action on something. I’m sure you’ve seen it before online or in other parts of marketing.

It’s when your local real estate agency prompts you to “download our neighbourhood pricing guide”

It’s when a local cafe asks you to “tag a friend to get 10% off your next coffee”

It’s when you tell your own customers to “buy now before our offer ends”

Each of these is a call to action, and is asking for an immediate action to be taken.

Sounds simple enough right? Well how can you start improving on those calls to action, especially if you’ve barely used them before.

Start with a Strong Influential Verb

When I first started using calls to action, I would always ramble on. This never worked and barely helped me get customers to take action.

What I learned is that you need to be concise in your wording, and start with influential verbs. Something that clearly commands action to be taken.

If you’re trying to increase engagement on social media, start with words such as “comment,” “tag,” or “share,” to spark engagement.

On your website, use CTA’s to spark downloads or sign ups. “Claim,” or “download,” your copy of our guide. “Fill out our form,” or “contact us now”.

Give People a Reason

It’s been proven that giving people a reason to why you’re asking them to do something actually increases the likelihood that they will do it.

Try to use this to your advantage by explaining exactly why you want people to take that action.

“Download our guide to learn these fundamental selling strategies.”

“Contact us today to learn about building your dream home.”

Find ways to incorporate the end result of why people would want to ideally take that action. If you clearly explain the end benefit that people will get, they’ll be able to picture why this specific action is meaningful to them.

Be Creative When Possible

Want to really stand out with your calls to action? Make them creative and quirky.

If it fits with your brand, try to experiment with how you write your calls to action. Test and see which wording works best.

Some of the best calls to action I’ve seen and used have been creative ones that break the stereotypical mould of what a CTA should say.

Instead of “Claim our 30 day gym membership deal,” why not use, “Claim 30 days towards a healthier life.”

Instead of “Download my marketing guide,” use something like “Download my best marketing strategies.”

As you can see, when you get creative with the wording it becomes more engaging and can spark more enthusiasm to respond.