5 Smart Ways to Scale Your Building & Renovation Company

No matter what stage of your building and renovation company you’re in, your digital marketing is always evolving and ready to be improved.

If you’re feeling confused or lost on where to begin, here are our 5 recommendations on strategies to help you grow you company over the next year.

Fast-track your lead generation process
with paid advertising campaigns.

It’s no longer enough to just wait for customers to find your company on social media or Google. You need to be proactive, and target your dream customers and spark their interest right when they’re itching and ready to buy.

Your goal should be to create high-converting campaigns that allow you to spend $1, and generate $2 or more in return for your business.

You can set up Google Advertising to target potential customers when they’re searching for builders or renovators in your local area. 

Additionally, you can target potential customers through Facebook or Instagram to build more awareness about your company in the local community, or retarget people who’ve visited your website previously.

Convert more website visitors into leads, by optimising your site for conversions.

While you may be able to direct potential customers to your website, you’re still going to lose them if your website is difficult to navigate.

Great home improvement websites guide customers to key information, help build trust and compel them to reach out and contact you. Ensure it’s clear and easy to contact your business, with call buttons or easy-to-fill contact forms.

Additionally, think about adding elements that will help make you more credible and trustworthy.

Adding any positive client testimonials, awards you’ve won for your work, badges from associations you’re a part of, or high-quality images of previous projects, can all go a long way to helping you convert more leads.

Leave your competitors in the dust by improving your overall service offering.

There’s a good chance you aren’t the only person in your area doing what you do. By crafting a better offer than your competition, that fits with the wants and needs of your dream customers, you will almost certainly stand out.

It means raising the bar on what you’re offering your customers, that’s so irresistible and compelling, that they can’t help but choose you and be delighted.

One of the strongest ways you can improve this today is to brainstorm some sort of guarantee you can offer your clients. 

Perhaps it’s a guarantee on finishing their renovation projects within a set timeframe. Perhaps it’s some sort of home appliance package if they work with you over a certain price point.

There are many ways to structure an irresistible offer, but make sure it’s perceived as valuable to your dream clients.

Build stronger relationships with potential customers, through email sequences.

Before someone is ready to do business with your company, they must first know, like, and trust you.

Email can be a fantastic way to regularly stay at the top of your prospects mind, while offering them valuable tips and advice that helps build trust and credibility.

Building out a helpful email sequence that shares your best advice or frequently asked questions will do wonders for your customer relationships.

The more your subscribers start to perceive your emails as helpful or educational, the more likely they want to continue to open them.

This allows you to add in promotional offers from time to time, that will actually be seen and better received, than if you just spammed your email list with promotions every week.

Proactively focus on generating more positive reviews from happy clients.

Word-of-mouth is the most effective form of marketing, and positive online reviews are the digital equivalent.

However, most contractors don’t proactively ask their clients to leave a review, even after delivering outstanding work.

You need to step up and start following up with clients via email or text, and asking them to leave reviews so you can stand out in your crowded market.

The best way to do this is to follow up right after finishing a project, when clients are at the peak of happiness and in love with your work.

Additionally, make sure to take any pressure off them to leave a review. Tell them they don’t need to feel obligated to leave you a review, only if they believe you deserve it and have the time to spare.

This will get you better results, rather than demanding a review.